Contribute To The
Arctic Defense Fund

The Arctic Defense Fund will support ongoing organizing to stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic.


The #ShellNo actions in Seattle and Portland over the last few months have not only been stunningly beautiful and inspiring, they’ve put an international spotlight on Shell Oil Company’s reckless decision to drill for oil in the Arctic, one of the most pristine and fragile environments on the planet.

At a time when the world’s scientists are telling us we must keep 80% of the already-discovered reserves of fossil fuels in the ground to have a shot at keeping climate disruption from spiraling out of control, Shell is looking for more oil.

The kayaktavists that surrounded Shell’s drilling rig and icebreaker, along with the Greenpeace climbers that dangled for 40 hours from St. Joseph’s Bridge in Portland created a movement moment.

The Arctic Defense Fund has been set up as a rapid response fund to build on the momentum generated by those actions and support ongoing organizing around Shell.

Your contribution will support actions that keep the spotlight on Shell until they decide to abandon their Arctic drilling adventure once and for all.


(Titles and organizations listed for identification only)

Ana Maria Archila and Brian Kettenring
Co-Directors, Center for Popular Democracy

Mike Brune
Executive Director, The Sierra Club

Dan Cantor
Director, Working Families Organization

Jodie Evans
Co-founder, CodePink; Executive Producer, This Changes Everything

Adelaide Park Gomer

Aaron Mair
President, The Sierra Club

Bill McKibben
Author and Co-Founder,